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SMS ringless voicemail sms vs ringless

SMS vs. Ringless
I would like everyone's thoughts on this. Which would you prefer an sms campaign or a ringless voicemail campaign?

Here is my thoughts on it.

I usually would prefer to run SMS over Ringless because it has more predictability. I know if I send out 1,000 text messages I will start getting calls immediately. Where as with ringless you may not get any calls for a couple hours. Not to say that with SMS you get all of your calls right away, you still get calls later in the day or over the next few days. I have done both types of campaigns and as far as contact rate goes i have always seen a better one with running SMS. Usually 4-5% call back in, and 1.5% to 2% call back in for a ringless campaign.

That is only one factor that I consider though. I also look at the legality of it. SMS is similar to Voice Broadcast, there is more of a "Grey/Dark" area that can be crossed. Because of this you get more people that threaten to sue so that they can get  a quick payday, or actually do file a lawsuit. With Ringless there is no TCPA ruling "Yet" on it and thus usually no repercussions. That is a big "Yet" though. Just like with anything to do with marketing, if enough people complain about it there will be some legislature passed. Now maybe not for a couple more years, but if history has taught us anything, it will come one day. Look at Email, VB, and even predictive.

So the question is the potential lawsuit (very expensive lawsuit) worth the better contact rate and predictability of sending out massive amounts of text messages?
Bill Adomanis
Business Development

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