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USA,Canada,UK and Australia Dialer/cc 4 Pack dialer/cc termination
Australia, Canada, UK and USA dialer/cc with 1/1 billing or 6/6 increments,4 decimal or 7 decimal call rounding per call at industry leading wholesale rates. NPA/NXX Rates decks or flat rated routes (on-net) in either 1/1 or 6/6 billing increments are available, with over 20 routes to choose from. Also available is an NPA/NXX  100% Verizon open media (open RTP) route. In additional, we have entire A-Z for dialer/cc termination.
Please contact me to get set up for testing.

Jay Kordic
The Horizon Communications Group, Inc.
Tampa, Florida
1-951-850-0887 (Mobile/WhatsApp)
Jaykordic_horizongroup- Skype

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