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email marketing email server

Email Server Setup
Is anyone looking to do email marketing?

We are providing companies with there very own servers to do email marketing. Minimum servers required would be 3. One server is the platform where you will be able to create lists, campaigns, etc. The other servers will be where the emails get sent from. We set the servers up with 5 rotating IPs. This gives you the best chance for deliverability. We charge per server, so there are no caps on how many emails you can send. Ultimately they are your servers.

We will do the full configuration and setup for you. The only monthly cost you would have is for the server hosting around $10-$20 / month / Server.

Take control of your marketing now. PM or email me if you are interested.
Bill Adomanis
Business Development
i want to do email marketing
@"Darelm" We can definitely help with that. How many emails are you looking send? Have you done emailing before?
Bill Adomanis
Business Development

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