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Hosted Voice Broadcast Dialer: USA and Canada outbound IVR (up to 40,000 channels)
Starcom's Voice Broadcast platform was built by a team of telecommunications experts and has effectively deliverd billions of calls for its clients during their critical communication times. Easily send a single message or a multilevel IVR survey.  Also our dialing platform helps maintain compliance and scrubs all cellular phone numbers before you dial. 
  • Fully hosted: No hardware for you to maintain
  • Extremely scalable (up to 40,000 channels), handles millions of messages at once
  • Reliable, Secure, Redundant
  • Full ANI control 
  • TDM voice quality
  • Answering machine detection
  • Admin accounts can have unlimited users
  • White-label capabilities
  • Aggressive flat rate per-minute billing starts at $0.0165/minute
  • To learn more, visit our website here
Schedule a demo today by emailing
or call 1(877)519-8464

Carpe Diem

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