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DNC Professional Litigators
Everyone should download this file. We will update this list as often as we can. It is compiled of professional litigators or other individuals/lawyers who create headaches for call centers and marketing professionals.

Upload this to your DNC list immediately. 

** if you want to add any litigators to this list post them in this thread. Let the community benefit. We will also update the file as a whole with whoever you put in this thread.
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Federal and State DNC List
Are you tired of being unsure if your data is scrubbed against the Federal or State DNC list.

We get the DNC updated daily. You only need to update your dnc by law once every 30 days.

We are offer anyone who wants to purchase the dnc $500 for the month. This will get you the Federal and the State DNC List. You are not in any sort of contract so you can get the DNC every month for $500 each month, or how often you would like. 

Drop a comment or private message if this is something you ar
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Seriously Do Not Call
Hello all, I am going to commit to bring you a new DNC file each and every Friday so that you can load into your dialers. These are people that are either professional litigators, ass holes, or just all around pains in the ass. You do not want to call them. Add into your DNC list ASAP

I hope this helps
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mobile scrubbing
We are offering mobile scrubbing for customers now. Our LRN is updated in real time, so you send us a list and we can flag your data as mobile or landline so you know which numbers you want to call or not call. Let us know if you have any questions or are interested feel free to drop your information in the comments below or send me a PM.