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new campaign available - Rwmedia - 05-27-2019

Hello everyone.

We are offering a new campaign to centers in the US and offshore.

We are looking for centers with experience selling DME or Pain Cream products.

This campaign is selling a similar product targeting diabetics. We need centers selling Foot Baths. No matter where your center is located the payout is the same. We are paying $75 per deal that gets shipped out.

There are minimal chargebacks. The only time we see people charging back is when they refuse the product at the door.

For centers that need help with data, we will provide the data for the first month of the campaign. This will help cut on costs while you are training and figuring it out. After the first month you would be required to pay for the data.

If your looking for a simple product to sell and easy script to learn. Let me know either drop your email in the comments or send me a PM.