Full Version: Looking For Spanish Speaking Raw Data Leads
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Please let me know if you have Spanish speaking leads in the US.
(03-28-2018, 06:46 PM)DavidGoodstein Wrote: [ -> ]Please let me know if you have Spanish speaking leads in the US.

Sure I could potentially help you with that. What vertical are you targeting the Spanish speakers in?
Looking for just raw data - I am willing to swap leads - I have over 100 million English speaking leads to work with
Hmm, i don't specifically need any consumer records at the moment. Are the consumer records you have vertical specific or just raw data?

What information do you need for the spanish data? How much of that data are you looking for?
The data I have is raw data - Shows income, home owner renter, age etc. I am just looking for Sopanish home owner data with Named address and phone number
tell me this. How much Spanish data are you looking for? What is the geographic area of the data you are looking for? I can run a count to see what I have. I have enough raw data, but might be able to work out something if you want the whole file of what I have.

Let me know. Ill start working on the count asap.
Looking for all that I can get - Entire US
Okay I will run the count now. to see what I have.
Dave, i have 3.8 million Nationwide for Spanish Speaking data.
awesome - Let me know when you will be free for a call or feel free to call meĀ  - (561) 574 - 4715
Okay will do. Give me about 20 minutes or so.

Just started sending them - AS they download I will send them - It says 22 hours remaining - we shall see